Claymore is confirmed for OST FEST! Our bannermen will head to Bucharest, Romania on the 15th of June to destroy everything on their way.

See you on the battlefield at Romexpo! More details on the right pane under Tour Schedule.

Nima : Fans of traditional; heavy metal can immediately skip this review, because this is not the new album by the German metallers The Claymore. Here we're dealing with a Bulgarian band that debut on 'Prolonged Active Antagonism'. This band has also little to do with traditional heavy metal and delivers atmospheric, symphonic black metal the way it was played in the second half of the nineties. But I'm not talking about clean and polished sound Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child possessed. Thanks to the dominant keyboards, the theatrical overtures and many changes in the tempo, Claymore's music reminds me more of the earlier work by Agathodaimon, Bal-Sagoth and a bit of Diabolical Masquerade's 'Death's Design' album. However, there were the mentioned bands worked out their insane style in details and thanks to their excellent musicianship, exciting keyboards and fantastic vocals made left a huge impression, Claymore make a clean breast for it. That's simply because their versatile style and compositions sound too inconsistent and have an average vocalist that sings without conviction or power. Especially the dominant keyboards lessen the band's quality. Not only do the keys sound too standard and uninspired, they're also way too much present in the mix. Here and there they do manage to come up with some good ideas and put a beautifully grim atmosphere, but unfortunately that is not enough to keep the band on the surface. I know that for a small band it can be hard to get a good sound and production, but I'm afraid that in these heavy times the critical listener is less "understanding. And not to forget that we simply can expect more from a band that has been around for a decade!

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