The CD Is here! You can order it from the online store, "Forte Music", Karaoke Star Rousse or contact us and buy it for just 8 bgn.In Japan, officially release date confirmed on 25th June

CLAYMORE hails from Bulgaria and plays Symphonic Black Metal music. They have a very Progressive Modern Black Metal sound mixed with some more old school Tradition Black Metal sounds.These guys sound like they come from a cold mountain region in the middle of nowhere and al there is to do is create some amazing music. Their sound reminds me of something I would listen to if I wanted to watch the battle between the Orcs and all the other human like species in THE LORD OF THE RINGS. They have that cold dark and gritty feeling of the land of Hoth in STAR WARS meets the dark evil and spooky worlds in the lands through out Middle Earth in THE LORD OF THE RINGS. The symphonic and epic sound gives of this vibe a lot. There are some orchestrated parts mixed with Progressive and Melodic parts along with some all out brutal and dingy parts. CLAYMORE has a little bit of everything you would come to love in Black Metal music. They are able to bring it all together and manipulate it into a majestic and adventurous style. I felt that these guys were almost like if the Power / Epic / Progressive Metal band RHAPSODY had merged with the Symphonic / Black Metal band DIMMU BORGIR and created an amazing journey for the listeners to take. CLAYMORE has taken two very well know genres with some highly talented bands in each and created their own style and sound and have climb to the top of Mount Doom and have proven that they are as strong, talented and if not better than the majority of the bands in their genres. One Hell of an Epic adventure that you would want to enjoy over and over again!

You can read it at this link: here