For the past fifteen years, the Bulgarian symphonic black metal band Claymore now active and presented with "Vengeance Is Near" her second album. The opulent opener "Beast In The Crowd" goes off's and offers slightly oversized keys and the results presented shouts, unfortunately somewhat overloaded arrangements in this case would have been less is more, so that the quite successful hooks come too in the background. Continue with the slightly playful "Centuries Of Chaos Part II" before the law rousing "The Eternal Law" comes up with an interesting and quite spherical introduction. In "Dancing With The Black Fire" outweigh the Keys and over again intersected by the aggressive "vocals". After loose rap also the subsequent "Antichrist" builds to a dense sound braid before "New Threat" kicks in a similar notch, to the epic ejector and title track, thus ending a technically clean piece of work, with some straightforward songwriting and somewhat retracted Keys the whole would have been better to face.

You can read it at this link: here

We are extremely grateful to the Municipality of Rouuse - Plamen Stoilov and the advisor Dr. Erwin Chakaryan. They will be our sponsors, and cover the travel expences around the "Vengeance is near" tour.