Claymore returns to Romania to perform with I Divine and Primordial on 14th of MAY!! You can see the poster below. Check the tour dates on the right pane for details.

You were formed back in 1999.What was the main thing that push you to form Claymore?

There was not even a single heavy band in the city and we decided to do that just for the idea of it. They all got disbanded or immaterialized... and the CLAYMORE members got together from different bands that used to play together from time to time. You will better understand the idea of the name, if you had the chance to understand the feeling when using the claymore sword. It is very heavy two-handed sword that could be used for both offense and defense but we are currently only five fingers, i.e. a single hand. It is the fans that represent the other hand and we wield this heavy weapon together, i.e. they deserve the same respect as we do. You are nobody without your clan, anyway...

Are you satisfied with the reactions of the fans and media towards your music all this years?

Of course! We believe that the main reason that people do not live through CLAYMORE is simply because they haven't heard of CLAYMORE since we get mostly positive feedback. Negative feedback usually comes from jealousy, envy and incompetence. What makes you different than the other bands? Listen to CLAYMORE and you will feel it. If you can't, it is perhaps something else you are listening to.

How is the metal scene in Bulgaria?Are there any bands that you admire?

Bad. The merits of the worthy are rarely evaluated properly. We enjoy the work of Nihilist, Inspell, Orenda, etc. Your first full-lenght album "Prolonged Active Antagonism" released in 2008.


What took you so long to record an album?

Member changes, military service, lack of money, low country standarts, personal problems, members being out of the city or country and so on and so forth. CLAYMORE actually started taking itself seriously after bigger concerts in 2005 and 2006 but sadly there was no vocalist during most of 2007. Although everyone has the right to judge on their own (something that we have nothing against), the main idea of "Prolonged Active Antagonism" is to simply create and represent obliteration in the different planes of existence.

Describe me your music are you a black death metal band or is it a compination of more music elements?

CLAYMORE's style consists of a combination of melodic death and black metal with influences from other styles of metal like heavy, thrash, speed and classical music. In the dark past CLAYMORE used to have a female vocalist, too. She left because of professional issues and health problems. Keyboardist Tzvetelin "Cerberus" Baltov frequently refers to the style as "clay-minor". Listen carefully and you will understand why. In 2007 the vocalist receives editor’s choice award for outstanding achievements in poetry by presenting the lyrics to the International Library of Poetry in Maryland, USA.

Tell me more about this?

As you were already told, there was no vocalist for most of 2007... Then came "Zealotry". He was already familiar with CLAYMORE but was about to go to the USA and already had the visa and tickets for that... After he returned, he finished the lyrics he started and we recorded with him. It was a new begining. The award was just some accidental poetry contest submission. He decided to see whether someone will like his lyrics since he is a philologist and knows things about language... You have a lot of live experience.

You prefer small clubs or big festivals?

It does not really matter as long as our requirements are met so that we can set up on stage and show what we've got inside... You are signed for one album with Forces of Satan Records from Norway.

How did you make this deal?

We have simply sent a demo to them and there was Mr. Horg contacting us with the offer.

Tell me more details about your new album?

Currently we are working on it. We have started recording a demo of 4 of the tracks that will be included and they will probably be done soon. The rest of the songs need slight changes and will be done in September since our vocalist and bassist are not in the city due to professional duties. There will probably be a bonus from earlier EP. The idea is quite different this time, too. It will be orchestrated, the sound will be different, some of the vocal parts... Let's just say that it will be another book in the history of CLAYMORE...

A message to all the people that support you all this years?

Thank you all for joining in and never betraying us! Curse less, drink more! See you soon! Cheers!


Kostas Sotiriou

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