The Eternal Law

An Outer World - denominated thinkers,
Rides a Storm in sewn together drinker’s
Old tale - tears, imparts, exhausts as it flays
To dance with thee, to lead thee the ways.

Born from death - prenatal torture – planned to be
As it resumes- entices thee from thy height
A frown replaced the curse of the.... entombed.
Whistler flings feathers – forever dims the flight
Facing the End – solemn endeavors fought! Parade -
Serpentine blade to sprout on a hallowed in - invite!
Vesper - tine glade imbued a vowing of thy shade:
Reading moral sermons to each other.
Breeding floral sect for a brother.
Escape somatic preservation!
Scrape the yield of lost vibration!
The preparation has begon
All are in ,no one's out
Nothing can stop the measure
Only enemy around
Flicker now slumbers away an ephemeral spy
Pacing descent – solemn endeavors still, awry…
Begin the restoration
Thrown away in trepidation

As dawn prepares the midgets for the shining one:
Black is all I has but all the children came to me
Accept the saviors of flesh – adore the chosen one
As drawn foe bears weeps to kiss my drying knee

I escaped somatic preservation!
Shape the field of last vibration!
To mar the future - reach state of zero health,
About split torment the bright suture dwells.