Can't hold the sky - I see it falling
These reaching hands I hear thy callings
From underneath the ghouls are drooling
Oh, Saviour The night is burning

Soaked into the grounds of terror with full erosive force
Seeps the stench into your clothes...
The air still freezing - a dragon breath
Now leading us - harbingers of eternal night

The air still freezing - a dragon breath now leading us
Harbingers of eternal sorrow
In these fallow grounds we have arrived
To unleash the hollow-beaten blasphemies
The ultimate award For death shall cleanse the world

Show the saviour eternal suffering and torment,
Relapsing endless pain into futile circulation.
Sitting next to me, rediscover my image
Caress my dreams and fill them with abominations
For the internal fire being - I will be your loud blast

The son of perdition has arrived
From the world of old
The Beast's derived
From the world so cold
To manifest In the enemy's eyes

The One of Lawlessness - Antichrist
The One of Sin - Antichrist