Near Death Experience

For my demise I shall rise to kill the beast,
When I hear the steps of the defeat!

But he is now to fall,
Slowly decay on my soul,
To share my destiny, to flee and bleed!
I feel the power of my seed!

When these two worlds collide,
I feel like dead inside
Throughout time!

Where the tunnel dark inside,
Behind the ignorance of night,
There my wound was open wide!
We're back in time and then we met.
I thought he is already dead!
As like as two peas,
As turbulent as water in the heavy sea…
In my past and resurrection
I saw my own son's putrefaction!
Penetrated by the screams of the sky, I lie.
It was trying to rain…
If I could only feel his pain!
A hungry wolf showed me the way.
Adrenaline flew like wine,
For I killed that son of mine,
Subconsciously consumed by the wrath of gods!
I felt they've suffered all my grief.
I feel like dead inside,
When these two worlds collide!
I am already blind!
Is this the thing I've fought for trough my entire life?
I know, divine…  It’s easy to defy!
Behind the mask of corruption I consent,
To power of immortals we don't need to tend!

I play death with my mind!
If you could only feel the pain,
You'll feel like dead inside,
When these two worlds collide!
We all are blind!