Claymore is back with concert of 21.06.14 in "Karaoke Star"

After almost three years without a local concert, Claymore is back on the 21st of June in "Karaoke Star". The concert is the second of the tour "Vengeance is Near" which will pass through several European countries.DOORS OPEN: 20:00

Vengeance Is Near Tour 2014:

20.06.14 Dobrich (BG)
21.06.14 Ruse (BG)
27.06.14 Varna (BG)
28.06.14 Shumen (BG)
02.07.14 Prague (CZ)
03.07.14 Trnava (SK)
04.07.14 Banska Bistrica (SK)
05.07.14 Humenné (SK)
06.07.14 Zielona Gora (PL)
07.07.14 Day Off
08.07.14 Bydgoszcz (PL)
09.07.14 Bratislava (SK)

Thanks Ruse Municipality

We are extremely grateful to the Municipality of Rouuse - Plamen Stoilov and the advisor Dr. Erwin Chakaryan. They will be our sponsors, and cover the travel expences around the "Vengeance is near" tour.

The CD Is here!

The CD Is here! You can order it from the online store, "Forte Music", Karaoke Star Rousse or contact us and buy it for just 8 bgn.In Japan, officially release date confirmed on 25th June